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Attachment Selection [ RAIL SHEAR ] Break and snap rail iron and cut wire cable faster, safer and more profitably with our smart Rail Shear attachment. Get bang for your buck with A-ward’s tough Rail Shear attachment. A combination of speed, strength and durability make this a valuable, productivity boosting tool in your operation. The Rail Shear is the preferred attachment for onsite demolition of railroad track of all sizes, drag cable, crane wire, wire strops and cast iron. This tool is perfect for downsizing long-lengths of railway track. Cutting is performed at the head of the Rail Shear for concentrated power and max productivity while its speed and efficiency mean a more profitable operation onsite. The ARC 400, at over two ton, snaps and shatters hightensile rail like no other machine available. Two identical, replaceable blades are indexable four ways to ensure maximum working life. Blades cut the heavy side of the rail which cleanly snaps apart with no violent projections, ensuring supreme safety. The Rail Shear has proven long-life in the harsh environment it is intended for. Its heavy weight easily stands up to the shock of cutting dense rail without damage. Thick high tensile jaw material ensures zero jaw flex for ultra-tight blade tolerance while two-into-three pivot provides even greater jaw rigidity. 1 1 Option of Quick Hitch mounted for fast attachement change 2 2 3 Fast cycle time 4 3 Offset pivot for greater power Hardox™ 550 steel used on jaws 4 Rail Shear Specifications Model # Attachment Weight (approx) Steel Max Jaw Opening Complete Cutting Width Lower Jaw Width Jaw Cutting Length [000lbs] [000kg] ARC400 Excavator Weight (approx) [lbs] [kg] [inch] [mm] [inch] [mm] [inch] [mm] [inch] [mm] 88 5060 2300 8.6 220 5.9 150 7.8 200 2.8 72 a-ward.com 40 a-ward.com