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THE SMART HORIZONTAL LOADER P R O D U CT B R O C H U R E 1 PRODUCT BENEFITS FIRST. FAST. F – THE S FOR 20 & 40 FT FA S T Automatic locking and simple hydraulic alignment control features, make the phenomenally fast. Container loading times of less than five minutes allow you to create huge efficiencies within your operations. M A X I M U M V O LU M E / M I N I M A L YA R D U S E SMART Total Length 52’6” (16.05m) Total Width 10’30” (3.14m) is ideal for those yards where space is at a premium. Encapsulated by the shipping container, the whole operation is able to achieve a loading footprint only fractionally larger than the truck itself. Servicing costs and the need for maintenance are drastically reduced due to the fact that the does not include telescopic ram. 2 . FOOLPROOF. SMART LOADER FT CONTAINERS SAFE With state-of-the-art features such as the , remotecontrolled trailer alignment control and digital weight measurement, operators are kept within their cabs therefore minimising safety risk. ACC U R AT E An accurate weight system is incorporated into the ensuring that maximum weight loading can be achieved, every time. What’s more, the real time weight is displayed on the handheld remote control. CO N TA I N E R P R OT E CT I O N To transfer the load, the truck reverses and the shipping container encapsulates the loading chamber until it reaches the end. As the truck drives forward, pulling the slide with it, the load is held inside. This system ensures that you achieve virtually no container damage. 3 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PERFORMANCE Capacity: Cycle Time: SELF-CONTAINED POWER UNIT OPTIONS MiSlide 2040-F will load 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers as well as other bulk material trailers. Each full load can be transferred from the MiSlide 2040-F into a shipping container in Approximately 5 minutes (conditions apply). Electric: Diesel: WEG Multi Voltage 3 phase electric motor 45kW (50Hz) 60A 53kW (60Hz) 80A WEG Soft starter Available on request (POA) MACHINE DETAILS DIGITAL WEIGH SYSTEM Chamber Lining: Model: Type: Solid Hardox 450 wear resistant plate used on chamber floor and walls Chamber Dimensions: Length: 37’4” (11.40m) Width: 6’6” (2.03m) Height: 6’7” (2.04m) Volume: 1652ft³ (46.8m³) Overall Dimensions: Length: 52’6” (16.05m) Width: 10’3” (3.14m) Height: 14’1” (4.31m) Weight: 39,683lbs (18 tonne) REMOTE CONTROL Model: Type: Accuracy: Griffith Elder WT2 Digital Weigh System including 4 shear beam load bars. Weight is displayed on the machine and on the remote control screen. + / - 0.5% COMPACTOR OPTION Overview: The Compactor is an option that enables companies to compact materials into bales. The multiple bales are then transferred into the MiSlide loading chamber. The compactor can be added to new and existing MiSlide models. The Compactor is ideal for quick transportation and exporting to larger shredding yards. IKUSI TM70/2.13 – RS232 Durable handheld remote control with digital display screen. Available in 915MHz and 433 MHz frequencies. HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Flow Rate: 23.8 g/min (90L /min) Working Pressure: 3,000 psi Hydraulic Tank: 52.8 gallons (200L) Configuration: Triple cylinders to control fast alignment system, double cylinders to control hydraulic legs, single cylinder to lock and unlock door, single cylinder to drive pull assist system HEAD OFFICE +64 9 634 4086 SALES@A-WARD.COM A-WARD.COM NEW ZEALAND +64 21 774 934 AUSTRALIA +61 4 0966 0029 USA +1 912 660 8661 SOUTH AMERICA +55 419 934 6508 UNITED KINGDOM +44 77 6482 6476 EUROPE +39 340 400 9996 4