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MAKING BULK HANDLING MORE PROFITABLE PRO DUCT B ROCHURE 1 A tailored Tilter system to benefit your bottom line Every business that handles bulk materials is unique. For loading and unloading therefore, ‘one size‘ does not fit all. That’s why A-Ward has developed the versatile system - a customised tilting solution to lift your performance and profitability by: Cost-efficiently matching the tilting options to your individual operational needs. > Considerably reducing the loading time for each container. Time is money. > Saving on the operational staff required without compromising safety. > > 2 Increasing product throughput and turnaround, thereby maximising cashflow and being able to take advantage of favourable international pricing. SELECTION STEPS 4 TILTING ANGLE SELECTION 0° - 70° Which tilting angle best suits the material you are loading? 0° - 90° 5-9 FRAME SELECTION UNIVERSAL LONG FRONT What frame is right for your logistics system? FLAT DECK SHORT REAR UNLOADER 12-13 ACCESSORIES SELECTION Which accessories will increase your efficiency and reduce the payback period? digital scale system radio remote control forklift pockets hydraulic container door arms rear container support brace drum wheels transport kit access ladder 14 POWER PACK SELECTION Basic Electric Tekno Electric Which power pack is best suited to your throughput? Tekno diesel Peak Performing Business 3 TILTING ANGLE SELECTION 70˚ 90˚ [ 0°-70°] A-Ward tilters now come standard with a 70° maximum tilt angle. This provides significantly greater affordability while enabling companies to achieve maximum load weights for the majority of bulk materials. 4 [ 0°-90°] The 90° tilt angle is an upgrade option, which increases the tilting range to 90°. Various benefits exist from loading at 90°, depending on the type of materials and loading devices being used on site. FRAME SELECTION [ universal ] The Universal Frame is the most flexible frame design, enabling the widest range of trailer styles to be used. The open-ended style of this frame, along with overhead brace, also provides the ability for truck and trailer units to completely drive through the tilter. Mechanically operated swing-down arms connect to the shipping container holes using A-Ward’s innovative and easy to use twist lock system, reducing the number of hydraulic components. The forklift pocket accessory is only available for the Universal Frame with the 0°-70° tilt angle. “We have loaded more than 9,000 containers in the past four years with our two A-Ward container tilters” Ray Sailah, Norstar Steel Recyclers (Australia) 5 FRAME SELECTION [ FLAT DECK ] The Flat Deck Frame enables extremely fast insertion and removal of containers, and suits companies wanting to insert and remove shipping containers using forklifts, cranes and swing lift trailers. The containers are guided into the tilter using curved corner guides and, once sitting on top of the tilter, hydraulic twist locks are engaged to lock the container into place. Container insertion and removal using a trailer is not possible with the Flat Deck Frame. 6 FRAME SELECTION [ LONG FRONT ] The Long Front frame is a very popular frame choice, suiting the majority of trailer styles and sizes, where the container doors face the front of the trailer. The Forklift Pocket option is commonly added to this frame option to facilitate empty container inserting using a forklift. The compatibility with 40 foot trailers supports maximum weight handling. 7 FRAME SELECTION [ SHORT REAR ] The Short Rear frame suits companies using 20 foot trailers, where the container doors always face the rear of the trailer. This frame option is particularly popular in North America. Top and lower frame rear support beams ensure a high level of frame rigidity and rear hydraulic container locking pins enable container attachment with the push of a button. “When I started, I needed a crane, a material handler, a forklift and four men to load my containers to 80% capacity. Now I have an A-Ward Tilter, I can achieve 100% capacity with just a material handler and one man.” Daniel Davis, G.S.D (Texas, USA) 8 FRAME SELECTION [ UNLOADER ] The Unloader Frame enables companies to reduce logistics costs and time delays, by removing the need for expensive tilting trailers. Tilting trailers are not only more expensive to use than conventional trailers, they are also less common. The Unloader Frame tilts to a maximum unloading angle of 70° and is a very similar design to the Universal Frame. Whether the material is being unloaded through a grate, over an edge, or directly onto the ground, the Container Unloader enables extremely fast, easy and cost effective unloading. 9 CASE STUDY > Dwarfed by mountains of grey-brown metal, Martin Ripley proudly claims that scrap is the original ‘green’ industry. “For nearly nine thousand years”, he says,” man has figured out that it’s much more efficient to re-use existing metal than to wrestle it out of the ground, and its infinitely recyclable”. He’s also a great believer in innovation. “At Sims we are Martin Ripley’s insights come from extensive experience ability to be moved very easily between stockpiles, to in engineering and the metals recycling business. He is be particularly robust and have considerable weighing very much ideas-oriented; always looking at clever ways we can make improvements to our business. I think that’s something we share with A-Ward. They never stand still either. What I especially like is being able to brainstorm ideas with A-Ward and come up with tailored solutions to suit our operation.” Sims Pacific Metals has just taken delivery of two new customised A-Ward Container Tilters. “What we needed these new tilters to do”, says Martin, “was to have the National Operations Manager for Sims Pacific Metals, a joint venture involving Sims Metal Management, the world’s largest metals and electronics recycler. Through Martin, Sims Pacific Metals were early adopters of A-Ward’s pioneering Container Tilters. “In the scrap industry, fluctuations in metal prices and currencies are a fact of life”, says Martin, “so we wanted to be able to rapidly turn around high volumes of scrap when the time was right and not have mountains of scrap clogging up our yards and putting additional pressure on our cash flow. Over the last four years, A-Ward’s tilters have enabled us to do just that. With a single tilter, we can dispatch around 500 tons of scrap in a normal working day.” 10 accuracy. It’s very costly in time and money to go back and add more scrap or take it out. I’m pleased to say that the new tilters are living up to our high expectations.” Tilt Range: 0-90° Frame: Long Front Options: Digital Scale System, Radio Remote Control, Forklift Pockets, Hydraulic Container Door Arms, Rear Container Support Brace, Drum Wheels Power Pack: Tekno Diesel 30kw 11 ACCESSORIES SELECTION A-WARD’S WIDE RANGING ACCESSORIES PROVIDE ADDED VERSATILITY AND VALUE TO CUSTOMERS. DIGITAL S CAL E SYS TEM T RA N S P O RT K I T Enables the maximum loading weight to be achieved every time. The +/-1% weight accuracy of the Digital Scale System also removes the costly risks of containers having to be re-opened and loads adjusted following initial loading. The load cells are attached to the tilter using our recently developed self-leveling mounting system; enabling extremely accurate weighing. When the Radio Remote Control option is selected, the real time weight is displayed on the digital handheld remote screen. 12 RADIO R EM OTE CO N T RO L Reduces labour costs by enabling the tilter to be operated by a single operator. The faster tilter operation speed is also generated by significantly faster connection and disconnection with the shipping container. When the Digital Scale System option is selected, the real time weight is displayed on the handheld remote screen during loading. The heavy-duty handheld remote has a 300 metre range. The Transport Kit is a new option which supports maximum utilisation of the tilter - enabling companies to easily transport their tilter between different sites. Preparing the tilter for transport with the Transport Kit is easy. It simply involves condensing the tilter and lifting it onto the transport trailer, where the trailer’s standard twist locks engage with the tilter to hold it in place for the journey. HYD RA U LI C C O N TA IN ER D O O R A RM S This option will generally remove the need for operators to ascend to the top of the tilted container, ensuring safer and easier operation of the tilter. Hydraulic Container Door Arms enable the container doors to be opened and closed at any stage of the tilting process using the tilter controls. FO RK LI FT POCKETS For companies wanting to lower transport cost by eliminating all waiting time associated with the container transport, the Forklift Pocket option enables containers to be inserted or removed from the tilter using a forklift. This is a popular choice for companies wanting the ability to maintain a number of empty containers on site and insert these containers onto the tilter at their preferred time, without the requirement for a truck to be present. access ladder Adding an Access Ladder to the tilter enables operators to safely ascend to the top of the open container when it is tilted to the maximum 90° level. This option will generally only be necessary when there is a need to view or adjust the full load prior to the container doors being closed. Where there is a requirement to take photos of the full load, ask about our mounted camera option which removes the need for operators to ascend the container. drum wheel s This option enables the tilter to be easily moved around companies’ sites to the various locations of the bulk material; eliminating the costs associated with ‘double handling’ the material by moving it to the tilter. Where the Drum Wheels are attached to a tilter, the other end of the tilter can be lifted with a forklift, or other lifting machine, and the tilter can be quickly and easily ‘wheeled’ around the site. RE A R C O N TA I N E R SUPPORT BRACE - FIXED RE A R C O N TA I N ER SUPPORT BRACE - GATE Where correct container tilter loading procedures are followed, the Rear Container Support Brace option is generally not required. Where this accessory is preferred there are two styles available: > The ‘Fixed’ version of the Rear Container Support Brace is compatable with the Flat Deck and Long Front frames. > The ‘Gate’ version of the Rear Container Support Brace is compatable with for the Universal and Short Rear frames. 13 POWER PACK SELECTION OFFERS A RANGE OF POWER PACKS TO SUIT EACH CUSTOMER’S TILTER SET-UP AND THROUGHPUT. POWER PACK BASIC ELECTRIC POWER PACK TEKNO ELECTRIC POWER PACK TEKNO DIESEL 14 The Tekno Diesel Power Pack offers the benefit of portability for companies intending to move their tilter around the site or to different sites. The innovative new Diesel Power Pack is extremely quiet when running, and incorporates an EcoFuel Emission Control system. This enables companies to leave the power pack running for extended periods of time with a very low level of diesel consumption. Tilt time (15kw): horizontal to 90° approx.. 60 secs Tilt time (30kw): horizontal to 90° approx.. 40 secs Tilt time: horizontal to 90° approx.. 90 secs The Tekno Electric Power Pack has no emissions and is almost maintenance free. The requirement for this Power Pack to be attached to an electrical source at all times means that this is the preferred option for tilters being located at a single location. With the Smart Saving Energy Control, the Tekno Electric Power Pack is not only extremely quiet, it is also highly efficient from an electricity usage perspective. Tilt time (15kw): horizontal to 90° approx.. 60 secs The Basic Electric Power Pack is a significantly more affordable Power Pack option, designed to suit companies loading a lower volume of containers and wanting a faster payback period. This Basic Power Pack is available in a 15kw version only, and is significantly smaller than the Tekno Electric Power Pack. Tilt time (30kw): horizontal to 90° approx.. 40 secs ANOTHER Every astute business understands that great ideas are quickly replicated. So staying in front demands continual innovation. But the true value of generating ideas first is the leverage it offers to our customers to compete more effectively and profitably in their own markets. Since inventing the world’s first tilters in 2006, A-Ward has been consistently pushing the boundaries for loading and unloading bulk materials. The system is only the latest of A-Ward’s ‘firsts’. Ideas don’t occur in a vacuum. We first listen carefully to our clients and respond with innovative answers. That’s why A-Ward’s products are always fit-for-purpose, time-efficient, user-friendly, safe and robust. > 15 A-Ward’s products are backed by the following ‘peaceof-mind’ attributes: Safety Assurance All A-Ward’s products have been designed and certified for optimum safety during their operation. Product Quality and Durability Our many products are made from robust, high quality materials to ensure they stand up to the rigorous demands of our discerning customers. Their performance has been proven over many years. Complementary Materials Processing Equipment In addition to A-Ward’s Container Tilters, we have over 100 specialised excavator attachments to efficiently process and handle bulk materials. More information on these attachments can be found on our website www.a-ward.com HEAD Office (New ZEALAND) e sales@a-ward.com p +64 9 634 4086 f +64 9 634 5128 free phone NZ: 0800 215 911 AUS: 800 225 664 USA: 866 886 2999 www.a-ward.com 16 Global Reach A-Ward products can be purchased and serviced in many countries around the world. Please see below for relevant contact details. Training and Knowledge Transfer A-Ward can easily arrange skilled people to advise on installation and offer valuable training to both operators and supervisors and product certification. “A-Ward is the only company with global patent protected Container Tilters” Simon Ward, Managing Director Technically Advanced A-Ward has a continual R&D programme to refine existing products and develop new products to simplify bulk materials handling and reduce costs for customers. Problem Solvers Most customers regularly face new operational challenges. A-Ward can be relied on to come up with the right solutions for customer’s evolving needs. We welcome all enquiries. Printed on sustainably conscious paper using vegetable inks Servicing To avoid costly downtime, it pays to service your products regularly. We offer general overhaul and service contracts on all our products and have teams available worldwide that can be on-site promptly. Fit for Purpose A-Ward’s products are carefully and innovatively constructed to meet the specific and varying needs of our customers. AWA 1578 MTB_ENG_29Mar11 Parts and Warranty A-Ward stocks comprehensive parts inventories in local markets for quick delivery and minimum downtime. All products are covered by an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty.