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Attachment Selection [QUICK HITCH & STRUT HOOK HITCH ] Power-Positiveâ„¢ configuration provides you the ultimate coupling solution for maximum excavator utilisation. Why use one excavator and one tool when you can add our coupling system with Quick Hitch and Strut Hook Hitch that will transform your work into versatile, dynamic and highly efficient operation. Swap from rock breaker to bucket, steel shear to pulveriser in just a matter of minutes. As the name suggests the A-Ward Quick Hitch allows you to quickly change between attachments, resulting in minimal downtime and supreme productivity. No pins to fit allow for even faster attachment change. This also eliminates the frustration of having one semipermanent attachment on one excavator limiting your resources. The Quick Hitch is a flexible option with the ability to work with any brand of excavator and any attachment type. Not to mention it is able to be completely customised to fit your specific requirements. The Strut Hook Hitch is a powerful tool that meets the most stringent safety standards and allows the operator to fit the strut arm quickly by themselves. This device allows for strut arm alignment to be done completely from the cab of the excavator enhancing safety of your staff and eliminating operation interruption. When combined with any of our attachments the patented Power-Positiveâ„¢ configuration creates a much greater attachment jaw force than standard attachments can achieve. There is no need for modification of your existing attachments or buckets. Manual to hydraulic (and vice versa) conversion is easy. All standard hitches can be upgraded to hydraulic and if any damage happens to occur the hitch can be easily transferred back to a manual setup. You will achieve maximum breakout force due to the increased centre to centre position. As with all A-Ward products the Quick Hitch and Strut Hook Hitch are of the highest quality made with high tensile steel and abrasion plate steel fabrication. We even guarantee continuous use of breakers and pulverisers with no worry of breaks or cracks. 1 2 1 High tensile steel construction Power Positiveâ„¢ configuration for greater jaw force 3 Hydraulic or mechanical design 4 Abrasion plate steel construction 2 3 for long life 4 A-WARD.COM A-WARD.COM